dinsdag 25 april 2017

Best places in L.A


Santa Monica is the place to be. You have the pier with the fair, and you definitely should take a ride in the roller coaster. The best thing is to spend an entire day in Santa Monica, day or night either is fun. At night especially Saturday's very busy, music, but fun! Lots of restaurants to eat. Bubba Gump very famous for shrimps. And one block from the beach front you have streets with shops, people singing and dancing.


Spend a day at Venice. Go to the beach. Stroll around the beach front, eat some good food. Or rent a beach cruiser and explore. Venice is next to Santa Monica, I am not sure how far it is but I think you can take a 40 minute walk or just go on your bike! Also the big blue bus is in Santa Monica area and its free. I think its just free for students, but must be very cheap. 


Whats a thing you have to do in LA? Get that typical tourist Hollywood sign photo! The best place to get your picture is drive to Beachwood, its a beautiful street with houses. Also famous beachwood café remember my post where I met Lana Del Rey in the toilet? Well thats the café. Its a hike up the hills. I wasn't ready for that was wearing my heels. But everyone you see there is prepared wearing yoga bra's and having water with them. Very smart. The hike is probably one hour, and one hour back and then you can take your typically hollywood photo. 


also a good place to take pictures from the Hollywood sign, but its a bit further away. You have the epic skyline view of Los Angeles. All the pretty lights where the magic happens. 


Most of my wall street photos are taken in Melrose. Melrose Avenue is a big street full of shops. All the shops look the same, so its not really worth to shop. But you have a lot of walls. Like the famous Paul Smith pink wall. Also the angel wing wall, now you also have the Lalaland wall. And many many more! 


Universal studios located in Hollywood. They have all the studios, plus a studio tour which is pretty awesome. They don't have that many rides as in Orlando, but I still want to go there so badly. They also just opened the famous 'Voodoo doughnut' from Portland, Oregon.


Most famous thing you see from California? Is In-N -Out. I've only been there two times. For me its not that special, its just a burger place. And because its that popular you have to wait for your burger and fries 20 minutes and when you get it... its cold? The fuck aha. So I'm not a big fan. Its cheap. But I'm more of a Burger King person. You can try it if you're ever in LA but I don't recommend it.


'Strollin round Beverly Hills in your car with them palm trees. Beverly Hills also known as most expensive neighbourhood. The big mansions are gated, so you can't see that much. You have the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, if you got the money you can lunch there dive in the pool. Go to Rodeo Drive and go window shopping!


Get your fancy camera ready for the walk of fame! The Hollywood walk of fame is located next to China Town. I recommend eating there. Because china town in the city is always good and cheap! You should really try dim sum. Its kind of a big thing here in California. Its like small dinner plates of chinese cuisine. Yum.


Just drive around and explore! Los Angeles is a big city. There is much to see, and always something to do. You have all the restaurants from the world. So you can pick anything. Thai food? Moroccan food? You have it all. Do need to give you one tip. LA TRAFFIC WELCOME TO HELL!

maandag 17 april 2017

Banish Review

Hi! I got in my mail the Banish skincare. Banish is for acne scar healing. I have some few spots on my face, not a big deal, but still I want to get rid of it. I heard many positive things about Banish. I will try it for the next couple of weeks, and post the results! With a before and after. I have the starter kit which includes. The Starter Kit is Armed With:
  • Banish Oil ( a.k.a Vitamin C Serum)
  • Vitamin C Beauty Elixir
  • Medium Banisher
  • Pen Banisher
  • Pumpkin Enzyme Masque
  • Activated Charcoal Clay Masque
  • Pore Smasher
I have already tried the pumpkin mask and vitamin spray. My skin the next day was super soft, and the spots faded away. With the pumpkin mask I ended up smelling the entire day like I was a walking 'thanksgiving dinner' haha. I will post soon the results.

zaterdag 1 april 2017

Power Rangers Red Carpet Premiere

Hi guys! Its been a week ago I was at the Power Rangers premiere. We got free hotel with the event, next to Beverly Hills. That night we went for Italian food, and they had my favorite pizza ♡♡♡ parmesan with prosciotto. The fuckin best. It was $18. So poor right now. #ripmywallet'. We went back to hotel, usually when I sleep in a hotel bed I'm in coma. But this time our hotel was next to the high way!!! Godbless L.A traffic. Next day we had breakfast with the beautiful view of Los Angeles skyline. We explored Melrose Avenue. Its a cute street in LA with shops, café's and beautiful arty walls. You get some rad pictures with the walls. The shops are all the same lots of vintage shops, that makes you want to puke when you smell the sweat of other people. Why on earth would you buy something that someone else wore and did god knows what? Maybe that person jerked off all the time in that fancy jeans you're wearing right now. No thank you. After Melrose, we went back to hotel. We made ourselfs ready. I wore my red dress and heels. We arrived, walked the red carpet, after that the actors came... I knew no one, I used to watch power rangers when I was a kid, but it was more like my 'I don't know what to do so I'm just gonna watch this show' kind of thing. The only actress I knew was Elizabeth Banks, I took a picture with her. Then we went in the theatre, watched the movie. The movie was alright. Action is not my favorite, to be honest its my least. We went back to our hotel. Hungry. So we went to a 50s diner thats open till midnight. Diners are my favorite things ever. I've been to diners in Paris, Miami and now in Los Angeles. I love the weird vibe. I wish I grew up in the 50s in America. I mean burgers fries, milkshake days, baby blue cadillacs, swingdresses, handsome men. Yes please. But no I grew in 2017. Everbody is fucking gluten free. Stupid dog snapchat filters. I GET IT. Guys who can't even text back. And I can go on... The next morning I was back in class, and I had springbreak after that. Now my springbreak is already over:( I just chilled in my big ass horror mansion alone. Wow serial killer alert. No sadly my housemates are coming back today. I went surfing. I went hiking. Had dinner with friends. And bingewatched last season Girls on HBO. And school is starting Monday. Not looking forward. But its only one month! And then 3 MONTHS SUMMERBREAK HELL YEAH! I'm coming hommmeee. So excited. See ya later europe.