zaterdag 6 mei 2017

19 T H. B I R T H D A Y

Hi!! Few days ago I turned 19.. May the fourth be with you! So as you know my first birthday alone here in America. I was super nervous for spending it alone. Because like y'all know #antisocialasfuck. But this time I tried to be social. Wowww did I just say that. Yeah I did. So my birthday started waking up... no mom of dad who call you downstairs with breakfast and presents??? No dog with balloons. No this is adult life. You got to do it yourself. So as a real freaking weirdo the day before I bought a chocolate cake for myself. And with myself I mean myself. I am only child we ain't gonna share in life. So stick that in your brains. The only cake they had said feliz cumpleanos. So guess I'm turning Spanish. Also the day before I bought some presents for myself haha. I bought with a friend a matching marine jacket. And it fucking looks good on me. Can I say that? Or am I being 'Kanye West'? Anyway. I also bought like I told you guys hip flask. And some...shit how do I call this... its fuck... I don't know... you hang it up on your walls with picture and it has some sort of light in it. I can't explain. So that morning I opened my prezzies while skyping my mom. Hahaha. This is sounding so sad. WAIT saddest part is coming. I had no breakfast food. So I was like hm cake for breakfast? No. I went on my birthday to starbucks ate a chocolate hazelnut nutella croissant starring at the window. Lol. After that I had my Narrative class. I went with my friend before my class to the cafeteria and we had some cake. Aw becoming social. Small steps. :) haha. Have I told you the cake at my school is super good! And its cheap. The only thing I can afford in the cafeteria is cake. Meanwhile we stood in line. Our professor was next to us and was like 'oh damn cake I'm also getting a slice'. After class went straight back home watching episode of Girl Boss. Go watch that show. It takes place in San Francisco, its about the clothing store Nasty Gal and the clothes are to DIE FOR in the show. After my bingewatchin' session. I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Invited people. Four friends came, and it was super fun. We had a nice dinner with our delicious burgers. And I got free sundae fireworks icecream from the restaurant woohooo! My friend gave me this big box of all my favorite food (ferrero rocher chocolate, milano cookies, swedish cookies and a necklace) super sweeet. Only problem is I have 5 days left and I need to eat all the food and its wayyy too much?? After the nice dinner I went to a club with my friend. We went to see Elliphanté some techno dj. We couldn't find the club and later on we found it and it was hidden in this alley. It was upstairs super hidden and just beautiful. The club was super fun. We danced all night. Met new people. My friend is 21+ had a sip of her vodka real quick because literally those security fuckers look all the time at you. Its horrible. Next time Laurine needs to bring her hip flask. So that was my birthday! We danced it off till midnight. For the first time I went on my bday to a club. And I definitely like the club life. Sad thing I'm studying in US tho. Should have studied in Europe and I could be clubbin' erryday. My birthday is not over yet because sunday I will celebrate it with my parents. YAY TO CAKE. 

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