woensdag 3 mei 2017

50.000 page views!

Hi guys! I just want to say THANK YOU for 50.000 page views! It's insane. I started this blog in 2012, already five years ago. The reason behind the name infinity skulls arizona is because I was obsessed with the infinity symbol at that time. No one knew what the infinity symbol was. I remember I strolled around shops to ask if they had that specific necklace with the infinity sign. Everbody looked at me like I was crazy. They told me what is infinity? And a year later the infinity symbol was everywhere! You could find all the jewelry and clothes with the symbol. So the next part is skulls. When I was 14 year's old I was obsessed. No literally obsessed with skulls. (not real ones tho..) *Psycho alert* I really liked the colourful mexican ones with the flowers, and also the big bull head. I still want to have one day a big bull head in my living room. So 14 - year - old - me wearing clothes with skulls on it, many jewellry handmade by me { found a little craft shop in lille, france where i purchased many little skull heads :) } I even wore every day my skull earrings, but one day I was at a funeral... and ofcourse I forgot I was wearing them and someone made a joke 'well perfect time to wear those earrings'. After that I stopped wearing them lol. The last part Arizona. No don't you even think about it, its not the arizona drink. In that year I really wanted to study abroad in the USA. Arizona seemed like a cool place. I loved the Grand Canyon, and the desert vibe, motels, and just the typical Lana del Rey ride video. Its so funny all those years I wanted to study abroad, and now I am! So thats the explanetion of my blog name. And after those 5 years I still look the exact same haha. My top five countries who visit my blog is: United States, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, France. Thank you! Dankjewel! 
Спасибо! Дякую! Merci! I still can't believe it in one week I am already leaving. I'm so excited to go back home. And guess what? TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY. yay. I will be turning 19. Nineteen??? So old??? Grandma style. This is my first birthday that I will celebrate without my family:( I was really scared because I thought I was going to be alone this year... but nope. I even purchased for myself two gifts, a marine jacket, and a whisky hip flask. No I am not alcoholic, I've just always wanted a hip flask because they seem cool and people will not complain on party's if I'm not drinking. I will just pour secretly my soda in it so no one complainsss. On the day of my bday MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU #neverwatchedstarwars I will eat first cakee, then I have one class (feels so weird having school on my birthday usually I always had holiday back in holland) then I will go with my friends eating dinner at my favorite restaurant. Has really good burgers. And dessert. Water already dripping out of my mouth. Hehe. And at that night we will have a girls night and go out clubbin'. You have to understand that all the clubs are 21+ but its so weird I discovered on my bday that there is this club here, 18+ and that night a famous dj is coming. Anyway I'm excited to finally go out. Week later back home I'm gonna celebrate my birthday for 2nd time with my family. #perksoflivingabroad celebrating your birthday 2 times! That means two times cake. Can I get a HELL YEAH. Two times presents. Stay tuned xxx btw here are some pictures of last week photoshoot I have done with photographer Alex Thus. Really happy with the results, hope you like them! Let me know what you think on my instagram @surfergirll

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