dinsdag 9 mei 2017

Film Production

Hi this post I just want to tell you the explanation of studying Film and Tv Production, and I also want to share why I am studying this. So first I will share why. I’ve always had a big passion for film. I’ve started watching movies on a very young age. I was that kind of kid that would go to bed early, but then manipulate my parents so I could sleep in their bed and watch tv with them. So I watched adult movies, probably at age 2. Oh wow no I’m not meaning adult movies like in a porn way, just saying. So at that age I might not understand every part of the movie, but I still kind of did. I watched also The Ring (horror movie) when I was six years old, and that was the moment I realised I like horror. I also started watching around that age Desperate housewives, lost, prison break. And then I realised wow series are way more fun then movies. So being a movie geek, I knew I wanted to do something with it, one day… When I was twelve I started doing little acting jobs, and then later on more. I’ve always had theatre on my high school. I never really enjoyed it because I disliked my teacher lol. When my mom was young she also studied theatre. (So maybe thats why I study film..) So at 18 I got the chance to study in LA! And saw that my college is one of the best colleges to study film. If I wasn’t gonna study film, I would have probably chosen for criminology. Oh wait thats a lot different then film. Criminology is just something that interests me, maybe because my grandfathers were both detectives!? Anyway all the law stuff I’m not sure if I’m good in that. So at my school you could choose either Film and Tv Production or Film and Media studies. Film & Media was more the theory behind film and thats not really interesting for me. So I chose the creative practical study film production. The one and only study where we are able to make our own movies for young filmmakers! With this study you learn everything about film, and you could find your way in what you love. You get every subject involved with film. I started my first semester with cinematography.

 I already knew a bit about cameras, but now I know a bit more. Also the part of Director of Photography really interest me, because you can choose every shot where you film. But for me being a DP is no chance because only 3% is female in Hollywood. And because its veryyy technical, and I’m not technical. Now I just realize cinematography is such a big part of film. I also noticed my favorite movies (We need to talk about Kevin, Stoker) that I like have a different style of cinema and also focus on the color. I also had as subject editing 1. The first few weeks was an absolutely nightmare!! I didn’t understand a single thing. My teacher was really fast and confusing. But I was smart enough to sit next to the tech guys, and they teached me everything. I learned everything so fast. So my second semester I even chose Editing 2, and turned out to be good in it. Got straight A+ But I found out that I don’t want to be an editor as job. Sure it makes great money, but I just don’t see myself doing it all day. It takes A LOT of work and time. And you don’t get to spend time on the set because its post production. For our main editing final we had 20 minutes of raw footage. I’m not quite happy when I show it because its just not my style. I just do the basic editing. And like on my Instagram my little one minute videos are just so much personal. And they tell me more a story, and I film it unexpectedly. My first semester I also took Acting for the camera & Theatre. For those subjects I got A’s. I really liked the theatre subject. I also like the theatre people you have in class. This semester I had film production 1. I did not really enjoy this subject because it was my first night class. Aka biking in the dark and so so cold in winter. That subject I learned the things I’ve already done in my first subject. Nothing really good to say about this subject, and I also never want to be a film producer! Being film producer is just doing lots of paper, and keeping track of stuff. Not very creative in my point of view. In that class we had to make our own short film (romantic comedy). It was very cheesy because we had to have all these things in our film like soundeffects, and a dream sequence. And I had my roommates as actors...I planned to post the link of the video, but you know screw it I’m not gonna show something stupid. As last final project we did a group project. I was the writer and we had to make 2 minutes of the movie Moonrise Kingdom. We absolutely nailed it because our actors looked very similar.

 I also had the subject film festival studies. Which was a loooot of work, but super fun meeting so many people in the business. And anDDD TOUCHING RYAN GOSLING’S HAND BAHAHAHA. My last subject is narrative, thats like screenwriting. I really enjoyed that subject. Also because I found out in my first class that I’m quite good in writing. Maybe thats why I also got a blog lol? When I was young I just read a lot of books. And when I was 10 I even wrote a book! No sad story…I never finished it…. So that doesn’t count right. It was a story called: Juliette and her adventures. About a girl in a foster home. oK blabla Laurine never finished it. GOOD JOB! Maybe I could be a millionare now? Sitting on a island drinking my margarita under a palmtree. But no 10 year old lazy Laurine had better things to do. Anyway I just really enjoy writing:) In my narrative class our main final was a 10 page story. Stupid me ofcourse wrote 15 pages had to condense it back to 10. That’s real torture. I wrote a detective script. like y’all know I love detective murder stories. Scroll down for one page example of the story I wrote. And there it wasn’t made in script yet. So what subjects do I have left for my last semesters?? Directing (I’m super excited to have this subject!) I have Film Production 2, Introduction to film studies, and Audio. Oh god I hate audio. So as you can see I have every part of film. But what do I really want to do with it? My main thing is still acting. Besides that writing and directing. So we will see how it goes. After my degree I can also transfer. My college is together with UCLA, and they have the exact same program to study. So maybe I want to try that… or if ucla won’t work I want to work in the business!

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