donderdag 25 mei 2017

Summer Break

Its been already two weeks since I left Los Angeles. I'm so glad to be back home! I also got my grades back of this semester. An A for film festival studies, B for Narrative, B for film production, B for editing. The weather is perfect in Holland, lots of beach days and getting tan. Oh I btw watched the episode of Sense8 on Netflix and took some screenshots. I'm next to the actor in the middle and I have no idea where I'm staring at haha. Probably thinking about pizza tho. 

haven't done much being back home. I went with a friend last weekend for a high tea. It was my first high tea, very pricy and not worth the money. And I end up going to the toilet FOUR times in one hour because I had a tea overdose. 

That night we went out. It was nice to be in Europe again and drink and just go in a club. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Amsterdam. I'm going to a concert in the Melkweg of Thomas Azier. Its been four years ago I went to the concert of Stromae and the act before him was Thomas. No one knew him and now four years later he is playing there all by himself! I'm excited to have the Amsterdam concert vibe again. 

Also this summer I'm going to my first festival: R O C K  W E R C H T E R ! I'm super exicted. I've always dreamed about this festival. Its one of the most famous festivals in Europe. Its in Belgium. And mainly why I love it is because all my favorite artists go there. I will be going on a friday because Radiohead is performing and many more. Stay tuned for many festival pictures ;-) I'm also thinking about to dye my hair back to pink like I did last year. Also this summer I'm visiting back Brussels. I also hope to travel this summer break. I would love to see Paris or either Italy. But we will see! Three months no school. Best feeling ever. Xx

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