zondag 25 juni 2017


Its that time of the year... ROCKWERCHTER!!! My first festival and the biggest one in Europe. I'm so excited. I'm off tomorrow for holiday trip to seaside in Holland and then to Bruxelles. Haven't been a while in Belgium. And then friday it is festival time. We will be seeing: RADIOHEAD, Oscar & The Wolf, Dualipa, and more belgium people. I will be dying my hair pink again like last year! My festival outfit will be: Sex pistols shirt, levis short, and my old sneakers. This is ain't coachella where people go with there stupid daisy's in there hair and glitter cheekbones and listen to Lana Del Rey while eating their $20 quinoa vegetarian burger. THIS IS ROCKWERCHTER where you wear your old worn sneakers full of mud and your shirt with holes and a big burger with fries while your singing with radiohead because I'm a creeeep I'm a fuckin weirdooo!!! Scroll down for festival outfit ideas -->